Orchestration Assistant: Platform and Personal Dashboard

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We Help to Orchestrate Living

  • Personal

    So you don't miss out we keep suggestions & commitments in front of you:
    • Things to do
    • Deals
    • Sharing opportunities
    • Volunteering opportunities
    • Relevant news


    To simplify life we help to coordinate involvement with events and activities:
    • Group chats
    • Coordinate tasks
    • Share present or future location (user option)
    • Share availability
    • RSVP or ticket purchase
    • Dining deals near event
    • Transportation or ridesharing
    • Babysitting


    Build tribes & engage with members.


    • Suggest deals or events
    • Push interactive content
    • Share availability of product or service
    • Automate services personalized to recipient's contexts


    • Request volunteers
    • Coordinate volunteers
    Publish interactive, discoverable content that is specific to a time and/or place.